Relationship Rant: Celebrities are Ruining Marriage

Marriage, the meaning of this word has changed so much; it is no longer a sacred lifelong commitment between two people in love, but the ticket to financial security, or a temporary relationship for the sake of creating a public image. Despite all the hard work of our ancestors for equality, women still feel the need to be gold diggers as their only way of gaining financial security. The media encourages this materialistic attitude, proving that wealth is the only way of gaining worth in today’s society. The growing celebrity culture shows us that marriage is not forever, but simply a way of gaining attention, and the sad thing is even when a celebrity couple has been together for years we are never surprised when it ends in divorce. As young people, we choose to idolise celebrities rather than our own parents, who in most cases have been together a lot longer and have dealt with much harder times, and still stayed together regardless. With the rumours of Will and Jada Smith apparently divorcing, I heard young people claiming to have given up on love, if even the Smiths could not survive, which to me is crazy. Celebrity relationships are all manufactured and we only see what they want us to see, as everything in the media is controlled and constructed, so why are we basing our trust in love on people we have never met?

The celebrity trend of relationships ending because of infidelity is also dangerous, as these love rats never seem to be properly criticised, meaning that many young men out there see cheating as no big deal; when in reality it is a very painful experience that can leave emotional scars for life on those affected. This laid back approach to being faithful in relationships can also make young people doubtful of the institution of marriage, and not want to settle down in their own lives. I find this very sad, as I personally believe marriage is a beautiful thing, as it is something that most little girls dream about from an early age inspired by the fairy tale endings they hear in their bedtime stories. It is also a very special day that married couples cherish for the rest of their lives, as they were able to share their happiness in finding ‘the one’ with all their family and friends. People’s apprehension to getting married also means that people are seeing children as less of a responsibility than marriage, which is leading to more and more single parent families, because in the words of Jay Z, as soon as someone better comes along it’s onto the next one.

Marriage, what does it mean to you? To me, it is making promises to your best friend and agreeing to share your life with one another. It’s security for your children, and a responsibility to be taken seriously. But to my generation, it appears to be something entirely different, thanks to celebrities like Ashley Cole, Katie Price and Angelina Jolie.



Lead singer of Wild Cub, Keegan DeWitt, is one celebrity who has had a positive experience of marriage, take a look at my interview with him below:

Alternatively LHHNY star and rapper Saigon has decided that marriage is definitely not for him and his child’s mother Erica Jean, take a look:


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