The Annoyance of Relationship Double Standards: Men Vs Women

Double standards are the most annoying thing in the world, especially in relationships. Men think that they can act one way, and expect their wives/ girlfriends to act a different way. Sadly, this is one inequality between men and women that I doubt will ever change, but with the modern metro-sexual man, hopefully we are moving in the right direction. The modern metro-sexual is a guy who is comfortable in his sexuality enough to blur the boundaries of male and female roles; he takes pride in his appearance, he is willing to cook and/ or clean and still enjoys lads’ nights out. Personally, I believe all men should be able to look after themselves by learning to cook and perform other domestic duties, but I also believe women should be able to do typically male things like enjoy sports and go to strip clubs. In terms of promiscuity though, I think both sexes should calm down. When men sleep around they get praised and encouraged by their friends, however when a woman sleeps around she gets labelled as a ho and loses respect. I think this is wrong.

If a woman chooses to act like a man and have sex with no strings attached, it is her right to do so without judgement, in the same way it is OK for a man. But in the same way, I do not think either gender should be praised for sleeping around. It is a lot more impressive to me if a person can prove that they can stay committed in a long term relationship, rather than prove they can get lots of people into bed. Although, I admit if a guy told me he was a virgin I would assume that meant inexperienced, and therefore lacking in skills in the bedroom department. Young people should respect themselves and have standards in regards to who they sleep with (as there is a reason why STDs are so common). This childish mentality of labelling people based on rumours of their sexual experience has to stop, in my eyes sleeping with a lot of people does not make you ‘loose’, but telling everyone about it or sleeping with a bunch of people who all know each other, does.

Other double standards in relationships between men and women are the rules of who it is ok to hang out with when you are taken. Is having close friendships with the opposite sex wrong when you have a partner? I think in this case women call the shots, if a woman wants the relationship to be purely on a friendship level, then it will never be more than that. Cue the dreaded friend zone! Men can be easily tempted by so called female ‘friends’, and girlfriends/wives can easily tell the difference between a genuine friend and someone who wants to sleep with their man given the chance, men are more oblivious. There always needs to be boundaries in this situation, and any level of attraction to that ‘friend’ is dangerous territory.

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So we have established that I’m not too fond of double standards when it comes to relationships, but another thing that makes no sense to me is violence brought on by sports. It bogles my brain that people feel the need to harm others because their team lost, have a look.


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