M&M Review: Tuk Cho Asian Market Eating. Ealing Broadway, West London.

I visited Tuk Cho, a Pan Asian restaurant, in Ealing Broadway. My first impressions were very good, as it is nicely decorated with the Tuk Cho three wheel van parked outside advertising the restaurant, and bringing something different to the other competing restaurants in the area. Walking in, the place seemed huge. The furniture was rustic with a modern twist, given by the many silver lanterns hanging above the tables to give romantic dimmed lighting. There were Asian inspired colourful murals painted on the walls and a mainly mint green colour scheme within the restaurant. The bar was at the front near the host desk, which displayed fresh fruit and alcohol, where you could see the many juices being prepared. The specials were displayed on a blackboard in chalk over the bar, and on the facing wall near the front. Towards the back of the restaurant was the modern open plan kitchen, where you could see the chefs cooking all the delicious food. The toilets were also impressive with their big patterned wooden doors, spacious cubicles, modern sinks and cleanliness.

I was greeted by a very helpful waitress who showed me to my table and brought me the menu. Sriracha hot chilli sauce, La-Yu chilli oil, Kikkoman soy sauce, S&B nanami togarashi assorted chilli pepper; cutlery and chopsticks were available on each table, to compliment the food. Looking at the menu, I noticed that the Japanese appetizers available included edamame, miso soup and gyoza. Upbeat feel good music was playing in the background throughout my dining experience. We ordered a selection of fresh juices to drink which were served thick with froth on top from the blender. My juice tasted very fresh and satisfying, it needed stirring to mix in the sediment. The other drinks available included Asian beers, green tea, wine and sake.

Our food arrived promptly and was a good portion size as it left us satisfied without being too stuffed. Throughout our meal the service was excellent. I ordered the Chicken Katsu which was chicken breast covered in panko breadcrumbs and glazed in a curry sauce with rice and salad. It was mildly spicy with a kick to the taste. The chicken was well cooked and crispy, cut into large slices. There was the right amount of salad and rice to balance the flavour and overall was a very tasty, satisfying meal. My companions ordered the Yaki Udon and the Yaki Soba. The Yaki Udon was chunky Udon noodles fried with chicken, prawns and shitake mushrooms marinated in soy and chilli. My friend described the dish as being full of flavour and mildly spicy. She could taste hints of ginger, lemongrass and chilli. The prawns were huge and it was overall a very nice meal. The Yaki Soba was wok fried Soba noodles (sort of like spaghetti) with barbecue chicken and shrimps. He described the dish as having a good balance of flavour without spice. The chicken was succulent, the prawns were cooked to perfection and the sweet peppers gave it flavour.

Overall my dining experience at Tuk Cho was great. The food was delicious, the service was good and it was a nice place to chill out in with friends. I would definitely recommend a visit and I will be returning soon.



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