Accentuating Your Perfect Imperfections By Dressing For Your Body Shape

I’m here to solve all your wardrobe worries, so that you are free to accentuate all your beautiful features. There are three key elements: dressing for your body shape, identifying and owning your personal style and wearing the right underwear and shape-wear to make the most of yourself in clothes.

First of all take a fair, honest look at yourself in the mirror, and decide which shape description best suits your body. You could fall into one of these categories, or be a blend of a few of them. There are five basic shape categories; the pear, wedge, rectangle, apple and hourglass. Kim Kardashian is a typical pear. Pears tend to be bottom heavy proportion wise, so the aim is to balance out your shape with items of clothing that emphasise your upper body and minimise your lower body. A-line skirts, strapless tops and pointy-toed shoes work well for you. Renee Zellweger is a typical wedge. Wedges tend to have an inverted triangle shape, so the aim is to draw attention to your lower body and soften your top half. Wide leg trousers, full skirts and clothes that create the illusion of a waist work well on you.

Rihanna is a typical rectangle. Rectangles tend to have their waist, hips and shoulders in line with each other. Slim rectangles tend to have an athletic build, so the aim is to create curves and show off your slender legs and arms. Sweetheart necklines, colourful bottoms and tops with ruffles compliment you. Eva Longoria is a typical apple. Apples tend to hold most of their weight above their hips, which are narrow. The aim is to elongate your torso, show off your legs and create the illusion of a waist. V-neck tops, empire dresses and wide leg trousers suit you. Scarlett Johansson is a typical hourglass. Hourglasses tend to have similar proportioned shoulders and hips set off by a small waist, so the aim is to show off your curves. Don’t hide your curves in baggy clothing, try wrap dresses and fitted clothing that clasps your curves and stretches your torso. If none of these shapes describe you also take a look at Trinny & Susannah’s book The Body Shape Bible which describes twelve different body shapes including the column, lollipop, goblet and cornet.

The second step is defining your personal style, which is all about deciding what you think looks good and adapting it to styles that suit you and your lifestyle. According to wardrobe consultant Shana Draugelis, most people find they have nothing to wear because the majority of things in their wardrobe were bought due to budget restrictions and lack of time, and therefore do not express your personal style. She describes two methods of defining your own personal style: the long method being compiling mood boards of outfits you like from magazines, catalogues and online sources over time, as well as pictures of yourself in your favourite outfits, to identify a pattern.  The quicker route is finding a range of magazines and catalogues with differing looks or ages aimed at, and flip through them really fast, ripping out anything that catches your eye. The exercise is all about gut instinct so try not to overthink it. Separate the images into two piles, ones you love and ones that are ok, then analyse why you love them to reveal a pattern. Make a collage of these images to use as inspiration for when you are shopping or getting dressed. You could also reference the current trends and celebrity style icons for ideas on what you like.

The third and final step is to invest in some good underwear and shape-wear. With the right tools you can create an hourglass silhouette and slim-line your shape to make yourself appear more slender. But the benefits do not stop there. Shape-wear and a good fitting bra can also promote good posture, by making slouching uncomfortable. Having good posture can help ease back pain and exude confidence to the outside world. A bra that fits well will give you more uplift, better cleavage and can in turn help your self-confidence and any breast size related back problems. Shape-wear can promote weight loss by wrapping around problem areas and keeping them warm, which causes the area to sweat when friction occurs from movement, and the fat slowly disappears. It will also motivate you to lead an active, healthy lifestyle and tackle your problem areas, when you see what your body could look like. Fitting into smaller clothing with the aid of shape-wear boosts your body confidence, even after the lingerie comes off.  Hopefully this positive mind frame will remain because being you is a beautiful thing.

Top 3 Lingerie Stylist Picks


1. Sienna by Panache



£26 for bra

2.  Paige by Miss Mandalay



£40 for bra

3.  Ariza by Cleo by Panache



£29 for bra

Every true fashionista understands that to look your best your hair and make up also have to be on point, find out how here.

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