M&M Interview: LHHNY’s Rich Dollaz & Cyn Santana

Rich Dollaz (as named by Diddy) has worked with everyone from Cassie to Ryan Leslie. He is an ambassador for Ciroc and the CEO of Dollaz Unlimited, which includes a modeling agency division and children’s books. He recently started a foundation for victims of domestic abuse entitled Miracles House of Restoration and this season of Love and Hip Hop New York shows him starting a record label with cast mate Yandy. Erica’s boo Cyn Santana rose to fame for her celebrity impression videos on YouTube and for her work as a video vixen. The young model has also been linked to rappers Drake and Fabolous romantically. I spoke with the pair exclusively to talk about the possibility of a three-way relationship and their thoughts on Erica Mena’s sex book.

Miss M&M: How is your relationship with each other?

Rich: I feel like me and Cyn have a new found friendship and we’re good. I think that all things considered we’re making lemonade out of lemons. That’s all we can do, she’s a beautiful girl. Who doesn’t want to be in the presence of beautiful women? I love beautiful women and Cyn’s a beautiful girl. It may not seem like all the time we’re on the same page, but I think ultimately we’re going to be ok.

Cyn admitted to Erica being her first female relationship, would there ever be the possibility of there being an open relationship between the three of you?

Rich: You know what? I’m going to answer that.

Cyn: Hahaha No! That would never be the case. Rich is Erica’s manager, I am Erica’s girlfriend. I accept their friendship, I accept their business relationship. Along the show I’m not too fond of Rich but eventually we both sit down and we’re civil.

Rich: I think Cyn and I have an amicable relationship, understanding all things considered. I am absolutely shooting for sleeping with Cyn at some point.    

Cyn: That would never happen, ever.

Rich: She says no but I think that we could try it.

Cyn: I think he’s drunk and we have to take this drink away from him.

Rich: You can’t never get drunk off a mix. The reality is this, Cyn’s a good girl, Erica’s a good girl and we’re having fun. This show is a show and I think people need to understand that. It’s not always going to be sweet and it’s not always going to be what it’s supposed to be. But the reality is we have a goal in mind and that’s success. So at the end of the day if Cyn Santana is on the show nine months and she’s turning up and she’s looking good and she’s doing what she needs to do, God bless her. That’s Erica’s girl and they have a relationship and it plays out beautifully on television and everybody loves it.

Cyn: If everyone hates it, then everyone hates it. I don’t care what people think.

Are you worried about Erica’s sex book ‘Chronicles of a Confirmed Bachelorette: The Girl Factor’ revealing your bedroom secrets?

Rich: I think a sex book is a sex book, at the end of the day if you’re sexual and you’re good in bed and you have a fetish for women and men both, then God bless you, it’s cool. At the end of the day Cyn Santana and I will have a sex book.

Cyn: Absolutely not!

Rich: It’ll come out shortly. If she says no but we’ve already done the first eight, nine scenes already. It’s a beautiful thing.

Find out how Rich and Cyn feel about racism here.

Every story has two sides, see what Erica Mena has to say about her relationship with Cyn and Rich here.


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