M&M Interview: LHHNY’s Nya Lee

Female rapper Nya Lee has been known as one of the best strippers in New York for the past five years. She has worked as a video vixen in the past and has been linked to rapper Fabolous as an artist, and if you believe the rumors, as the chick stealing his attention from his baby mama Emily B. LHHNY Season 4 plans to showcase her talents as a passionate songwriter, rapper and label owner. Nya currently owns a record label named OurCutt, in reference to an altercation she was involved in which left her chest and neck scarred. She aims to be “the next Diddy” of the music world and is currently working on a mixtape featuring Red Café, French Montana and Jadakiss.  The Bronx-born beauty sat down with me to talk about stripping, her scars and the gap in the industry for female rappers.

Miss M&M: What made you first get into stripping?

Nya Lee: Well I got into dancing because of the money obviously; there is so much money in that. I was one of the best dancers in New York for the past five years but now my vision has changed. I’ve grown, I’m way more mature.

With all the focus on stripping in the hip-hop world right now, do you feel like there is still a stigma around it?

Yeah, I mean not as bad as a couple of years ago, now strippers aren’t in a bad light anymore. I know a lot of strippers that have businesses and online boutiques and things like that. I feel like now with all the social networks and outlets that we have, I feel like whatever you showcase outside of your dancing will cross you over. That’s why I’m trying to pursue my music and show people that even though I dance, this is what I’m pursuing and this is where I’m going with the money that I’m making.

How did the altercation in which your neck and chest were cut impact your music career?

It actually woke me up and made me realize ok yeah you’re making all this money and you’re doing all of this but what is it for. That’s why I named my record label ‘OurCutt’ and it has my scar in it as far as the logo goes. To show people that that was a negative situation but I’m turning it into a positive and showing people that that was a point in my life where I woke up and said you know what enough playing games, now it’s time to put all your energy into your music.

Do you think hip-hop is ready to embrace more female rappers or are the opportunities limited?

I think now it’s time for them to let another female artist in. I think now we might actually have a couple of female artists instead of just having one, because we have Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, Azealia Banks. We have a whole bunch of female artists that are doing their own things and they have their own fan-bases and their own rights. I’m just praying to God that I’m in that VIBE issue with all of us on the cover, like how they had Lauryn Hill, Missy; I’m praying that we can recreate that really, really soon. So I’m hoping that I’m part of that.

How do you hope the show will help your career?

I think Love and Hip Hop will give people a more behind the scenes of what I’m doing and realize that I am pushing and doing everything alone because I’m standing alone on this season. I think it’ll definitely let people come in and tune in and want to listen to see why is she going so hard, why is she so determined? I think they’ll want to listen. They’re going to love it and I think my career is going to go really good from now on.

See how Nya Lee feels about racism here.

Stripping and jobs in the sex industry aren’t the only thing people are afraid to admit to, depression is another hush hush topic. But it’s important to speak out and educate yourself.


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