M&M Interview: LHHNY’s Saigon & Erica Jean

Erica Jean is one of the latest cast members for LHHNY Season 4. The former stage actress is now pursuing her second passion and training to become a nurse, as well as raising her energetic son Stephen aka Lil B. Stephen’s dad is rapper/actor Brian Daniel Carenard, better known as Saigon. Saigon is no stranger to controversy, as he has been involved in three major altercations, one of which cost him jail time back in the late 1990s. He’s worked with the likes of Jay Z and Kanye West, graced several magazine covers and has appeared in the hit show Entourage. I sat down with the couple exclusively to talk frankly about cheating, co-parenting and their situation as a couple.

On Peter Gunz affair with Amina

Saigon seemed very disappointed in his boy: “Well the first episode to me was saddening…I’m watching a great friend of mine go up there and make some of the biggest mistakes of his life.” He talks about how Peter should have thought about all the sacrifices Tara has made for him when thinking about himself in regards to Amina Buddafly: “Tara loves you…he should have been here to stand up to both of them”.

 On Peter Gunz as a father

“He’s a great father. I know that because he raised Cory Gunz, he already bred and molded a superstar who’s on Young Money Records.”

On cheating

Erica thinks “men have a problem with keeping their dick in their pants”. But in the situation of fellow cast mate Peter Gunz, Saigon talks about the more important issue of whether it’s a purely physical affair or if it’s based on emotions: “A man could go fuck a prostitute one night and go home to his wife, but it ain’t like he loves the prostitute. When you carrying on on a whole other family that’s when it becomes a problem. You can’t be in love with two women, you might have feelings for two people, but you can’t love two women. He’s going to have to choose.”

The music industry’s attitude to sex

Saigon realizes that rappers “take sex lightly more than it should be taken. Sex, irresponsible sex, can lead to big things, not only children, but STDs or your life at this point where we live in.” He also believes 100% that it’s more difficult to stay faithful when you’re in the industry surrounded by temptation.

On co-parenting

Erica talks about their situation with son Stephen: “we had a baby without really knowing each other, funnily enough. We had a lot of trials and tribulations. It’s about our son, that’s the most important thing.” “We met at a party in the Hamptons,” says Saigon, “She didn’t know who I was.” The couple differ in their opinion on what the most important issue with co-parenting is Erica claims it’s about “making it work” between the two of them. Whereas Saigon believes the main thing is for their son “to grow up twenty times better than I grew up, whether we work or not.”

On being a rapper’s baby mama

“I always wanted to be a mother. I always wanted to have a son. So it was never about him being a rapper, it was about finding a responsible man.” Erica then goes on to joke about how she’s “been with wayyy hotter men than him” making Saigon feel lucky that he was “the chosen one”.

On marriage

When asked if they see marriage in their future Saigon enthusiastically responded: “Emphatically 14/15. If you don’t know what that is go to the alphabet and pick out the 14th and 15th letter. Abcdefghijklm N.O! N.O! I’m just playing.”

On that note, see how I feel about the institution of marriage.

Find out how their fellow LHHNY cast mates feel about racism here.



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