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Q&A: Tahiry Jose Talks About Her Feelings For Joe Budden, Dating Other Men And The Current State Of Their Relationship

The Dominican beauty works as a model, actress and entrepreneur, and is famous for her very public relationship with rapper Joe Budden. She has previously graced the covers of Complex, VIBE, XXL and KING magazine, the KING cover was one of their highest selling issues to date. She currently works as a correspondent for XXL and this season of Love and Hip Hop shows her in the process of making a fitness DVD and honing her craft as an actress. VIBE sat down with Tahiry to talk about the current state of her relationship with Joe and how she feels about him now that LHHNY Season 4 has hit our TV screens.

VIBE: Do you think you’ll ever trust Joe Budden enough to be with him long term?

Tahiry: Right now, no. The world thinks that Joey and I went back and forth for nine years, we didn’t. We were together five, apart for four and I gave him a chance in May he fucked up. But even through friendships, the core of every relationship is a friendship, so if as friends you can’t be real with me then in a relationship…so he failed as friends a few times and now finally as being together so right now I don’t think I can.

Do you follow Joe’s social media, do his posts bother you?

I feel like Joey’s girlfriend is social media and then comes Tahiry. I need to be a man’s priority. So I feel like Joey’s most serious relationship is him and Twitter and Instagram and right now I know how to separate the both.

You two have been together for a long time. Will there ever be anything he could do to make you reach your ultimate breaking point where you cut all contact?

It already did, just tune in Monday nights. Oh no, what happens is that we women go through stages, you go from anger to hurt, pain to I don’t give a fuck to I’m over it. Today I’m not angry at Joe. I was going through a lot last season. I think Love and Hip Hop wound up being my therapy. It was my therapist; I didn’t know that I had this baggage, I didn’t know that I was this hurt, I was this angry. That was a key point, where I watched myself and I was like do you know what? Yeah I’m dealing with a lot. I know that I gave him this chance and I did the best I could do and I’m ok with that. That was the best thing I could have ever did was trying it again because I don’t have questions about anything. You could ask me if Joe and I will have a future, I can’t tell you, God has a funny sense of humor. Today I’m ok with being his friend.

Have you been dating anyone else other than Joe in the meantime?

I try to get to know certain individuals. I’m focused a lot on work, my schedule is intense. So it’s really hard. Me trying to get to know somebody is having to be with them for two days straight because then I won’t see them again for another month. So how can you really build off of that? It gets kind of frustrating sometimes, but I’ve got to focus on Tahiry. Every time I go with my heart, it took me nowhere but heartache so I think with my brain a lot. I have responsibilities, I have a family; I have things that I have to do for myself. I’ve lived my ex’s dream for a long time so now it’s time for me to live mine.

Do you think that LHHNY puts other men off when they see how you and Joe are together?

Abso-fucking-lutely! Do you not understand the last season? The minute the show airs people were banging their phones like yo you love this man, look at the way you look at him. It’s a lot. Even now, people are just like alright you guys are not together but the shows starting to air again so guys are like yo wait a minute this is too much for me. It’s like you have to bring a boo to work day for them to understand your work. For them to understand that we filmed this six months ago, and Joey and I are not together today. But they’re just starting to see the episode. It’s hard, period, even with friends. Friends are like you have no time for me and I’m like if you were around me for a day you’d understand. So I guess I’m probably going to be single for a long time and Joey loves that. Joey would tweet his ass off on purpose the minute he sees that I’m not paying him no mind.

There was a Breakfast Club interview where Joe talked about breaking into your house and hiding under the bed.

Joey wants to do what Joey wants to do. If Tahiry’s single then it’s cool, but the minute he smells that Tahiry’s on to something, then he gets involved. It’s kind of like, how selfish are you? Go rap.

Find out how Tahiry feels about racism below:

Are you also in a toxic relationship or forever caught up in the on again off again dynamic? This may help.


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