Throwback Interview: Biz Markie


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Biz Markie Announces 30/25 Tour With Big Daddy Kane And MC Lyte At The Brooklyn Guitar Center And Serato Launch Party

Hip-hop icon Biz Markie announced plans for the upcoming 30/25 tour in 2014 with Big Daddy Kane and MC Lyte last Thursday (Oct. 24) as he hosted the unveiling of the Serato Digital Music Experience at the Brooklyn Guitar Center. Biz explained the name – “it’s me 30 years in the business and all of us have our 25th anniversaries and my biggest album, the 25th anniversary of the ‘Just A Friend’ album.”

His debut album Goin’ Off dropped 25 years ago, in 1988, and Biz spoke about how he remembers “putting it together with Marley” and “finding the records that he wanted to rhyme off.” ‘Just A Friend’ was the song that put the rap legend on the map and even Biz didn’t anticipate the amount of success it would bring him: “it just opened up a world” taking him from “regular rap star” to an international “popstar. It was just crazy”. For the 30/25 tour Biz plans to go “everywhere, the last hoorah. I’m bringing Swan out the closet, bringing all my people out the closet.”

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