Throwback Interview: Zoot Woman


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Neon Nettle Catches Up With Zoot Woman

‘Star Climbing’ EP out September 1st

The British trio Zoot Woman is back with their fourth studio album and a new artistic direction that they feel is their best material to date.

The upcoming EP, ‘Star Climbing,’ aims to encompass the “idea of reaching for something beyond what you know.” It comes out September 1st, just in time for their autumn European tour.

Neon Nettle spoke to Zoot Woman about what makes them hopeful, their new album and what the chances are of them ever going solo.

NN: With EDM becoming increasingly popular worldwide, what sets you apart from other electronic musicians?

ZW: If I like the songs, I’m usually into the act. I think that’s the main element that separates one act from another.

NN: How did the name Zoot Woman come about?

ZW: People have had different ideas about what it means, but really we liked the way it looked, and how it sounds.

NN: What inspires you the most when you’re writing songs, is there a particular process you go through when songwriting?

ZW: Having something to say, how to say it, and will anyone want to hear it.

NN: Your first single ‘Don’t Tear Yourself Apart’ is inspired by the need for hope during tough times, with all the conflict happening in the world right now, what gives you hope when things don’t seem to work out for you?

ZW: Think about the last thing that made you happy.

NN: What is your favourite track on the upcoming ‘Star Climbing’ LP and why? 

ZW: At the moment my favourite song on the album is ‘Coming Up For Air’. I like the melodies and message. Or maybe ‘Waterfall Into The Fire’, because it’s unlike any song we’ve ever done before.

NN: With your upcoming European tour dates around the corner, what can fans expect from a live Zoot Woman performance?

ZW: New tracks, old tracks, performed in a brand new way.

NN: How do you think your fans will respond to your new sonic direction on this album? Do you worry about the reception it will get?

ZW: I have no idea how fans will respond to the sonic direction. I want people to be into it, but it’s impossible to know what reception it will get. Once the band is happy with the material, you can only hope fans are into it….  Yes, I do worry about the reception it will get.

NN: What’s next for Zoot Woman?

ZW: ‘Star Climbing’ Tour 2015.

NN: Four albums in are you still happy working as a trio or is there the intrigue to explore solo projects now that you’re more experienced in the industry?

ZW: Zoot Woman songs are made by the three of us. At the moment, we feel like we’ve got more to give.

NN: Finally, what would your advice be to musicians looking to get their big break in the industry?

ZW: Listen to people who’ve had the right experience, be passionate about the music you’re making and, most importantly, be happy with the songs you release.

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