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Meet Jimi Raine, The New Face Of Rock N Roll

Inspired by rock greats Bruce Springsteen, U2 and The Clash, new artist Jimi Raine plans to bring classic rock back to life and has already made quite the splash within the music industry. His recent video for ‘Rock n Roll Band’ featured licensed photographs from the elusive photographer Danny Clifford, who hasn’t agreed to collaborate with an artist since 1978 for Bob Dylan.

Jimi’s latest single ‘Stranger’, the title track from his forthcoming debut album, discusses the feeling of isolation and “not fitting in somewhere you once did. Whether that be a place, a job or a relationship I leave to the listener to decide.” It is officially released on November 3rd via Acid Queen Music, preceding the album that is expected for release in early 2015.

Neon Nettle caught up with Jimi Raine to talk about his upcoming debut album ‘Stranger’, musical comparisons and the state of rock ‘n’ roll today.

NN: How would describe your sound for people that haven’t heard your music yet?

JR: Loose and dirty rock ‘n’ roll.

NN: What can fans expect from your upcoming debut album ‘Stranger’?

JR: It’s a collection of songs that kind of capture a journey from one place to another, in this case leaving my hometown and moving to London. I suppose there are a mixture of upbeat songs and a few darker ones, but it’s just me thinking out loud and getting stuff off my chest.

NN: You’ve previously stated that this album was a collection of emotional experiences that you found difficult to talk about, what made you decide to tell these stories now? Are there any limits on the topics you’d discuss in future albums?

JR: I decided to do a solo album and so I felt that I wanted to write songs that dealt with exactly what I was going through and how I felt. I guess it was kind of therapy for me. I am a songwriter after all and if you can’t write about personal shit then it’s hard for people to really believe you, that’s what I think anyway.

NN: You’ve previously been compared to the likes of Bruce Springsteen and Elton John, does that put a lot of pressure on you as a new artist or does it motivate you further?

JR: I don’t feel any pressure, as a new artist you will always be compared to someone. [You’ve] gotta be happy with a Springsteen comparison to be honest!! So yes it will definitely motivate me to not listen to any haters and do what I believe in, always.

NN: How do you feel that rock music has changed over the years? Do you welcome the new take on the genre or feel as though a return to classic rock n roll would be a better move for the genre?

JR: Rock music has evolved and changed over the years, but there is always an underlying theme to it. Not caring what other people think and staying true to yourself. Whether it’s punk, glam or heavy metal, you can always see that essence. I personally like anything with drums and guitars, so maybe a return to classic rock n roll would be cool, who knows.

NN: Where does your inspiration come from when you’re writing new music? Is there a specific process?

JR: My inspiration comes from anything and everything. Could be something I see that day or something that happens to me; or a certain feeling I get, whatever really. I don’t have a specific process. A lyric or song will just come to me and I put it to a riff or melody and try and make it work.

NN: Your songs tend to cover darker topics like loss and grief, have you experienced heartbreak? How did this affect your music?

JR: My songs are a reflection of what I was thinking about at a given time. Some [times] are darker than others! And yes, some cover heartache and pain, which I think all of us can relate to, it’s part and parcel of life, of growing up. I guess it affects everyone in different ways. For me, I’ve found writing music is a good way to manage a bad situation and I hope it resonates with others.

NN: Acclaimed producer Andy Wright discovered you back in 2012, what has been some of the best advice he has given you so far?

JR: Andy is not one for dispensing advice day in day out like some guys in the industry. He’s cool, he’s encouraging with regards [to] my writing and music and that sense of ‘keep it going, this is good’ is as good as any advice I’ve got!

NN: What can fans expect from a Jimi Raine performance?

JR: High energy, foot stomping rock n roll, with lots of passion and guitars!

NN: After your debut album ‘Stranger’ comes out early next year what’s next for Jimi Raine?

JR: Gigs gigs gigs! [I’ll] probably start work on my second album and of course festivals in the summer. Can’t wait!

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