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Neon Nettle Catches Up With Alternative Artist Jake Isaac

His ‘War Child’ EP is out now

South London singer/songwriter Jake Isaac is fresh from his recent UK tour and busy season of festival performances. He has performed at the likes of Barn On The Farm, Summer Sound, Lollapalooza, Kendal Calling and Glastonbury festivals, building up an impressive fan base.

His debut EP ‘War Child’ was featured in the top ten of the iTunes singer/songwriter chart and features collaborations with Josh Record and JP Cooper. His latest single ‘Long Road’ is available for download now and discusses determination and persistence in times of adversity.

Neon Nettle caught up with bass singer Jake Isaac to talk about his EP, being besties with Ella Eyre, festival highlights and who he thinks is an “absolute legend”.

NN: How would you describe your sound for people that haven’t heard your music yet? What genre would you classify yourself as?

JI: I think the best way I would describe it is “rock & soul”. Sounds corny, but it’s helped a lot of my mates [to] get it lol.

NN: Growing up in South London, were there any local acts that inspired you musically?

JI: Thinking about it, not really. South London, on the other hand, inspired me loads!

NN: What was the highlight of your festival performances last summer? Were there any performances that you particularly enjoyed?

JI: There was one festival in particular called Reeperbahn Festival, which I did in Hamburg, Germany. It was in an old library with wooden flooring and high ceilings, with a grand piano in the middle of the room. They had almost 200 people crammed in, sitting on the floor, and almost another hundred people outside who couldn’t get into the venue. It was TOTALLY acoustic, no sound system. It was such a vulnerable, yet amazing experience, especially as it was a part of my first ever tour abroad.

NN: How did you and Ella Eyre meet and decide to tour together? Did she depart any words of wisdom on you?

JI: I actually met Ella over a year ago at another festival called “Great Escape” in Brighton. I was good friends with one of her band members and when we met things were still just growing with her, in fact both of us really. When her tour came up, she turned around and immediately said she wanted me involved, total privilege! In terms of words of wisdom, she always just encouraged me to be me really!

NN: Who would your dream collaboration be with and why?

JI: Dream collaboration would be with Lianne La Havas. Totally drawn into the way she wears her heart on her sleeve and she seems like an absolute legend!

NN: How did you come up with the title ‘War Child’ for your latest EP?

JI: The title for my latest EP actually came quite naturally. I felt that the collection of songs reflected a constant battle between mind and heart and also reflected the way in which life can often take it’s toll on one’s heart.

NN: What is your favourite track on ‘War Child’ and why?

JI: My favourite track off the EP would have to be “Never Leave” feat Josh Record. I just feel like it really is quite intimate, yet opens up in quite a raw way for me. I love how Josh sounds on that song. Such a great guy!

NN: The instrumental for your track ‘Long Road’ seems to have Eastern influences, have you ever travelled to Asia or worked with any Asian musicians in the past? What stood out to you about this particular beat?

JI: I have travelled to Asia before actually, did some charity work in Chennai (Madras). I think we are all, in some way, a product of the various life experiences we’ve had. In some ways I totally agree that India may have had some influence on that song without me even knowing lol.

NN: Walk us through your typical songwriting process. What usually inspires you the most?

JI: Songwriting for me is honestly something that I don’t even think I understand yet lol! When I get the inspiration it just comes and I have to grab a dictaphone or pen and paper. It’s that simple for me.

NN: What can fans expect from a Jake Isaac performance?

JI: I think performance wise people can always expect a little bit of a mix between intimate moments and bigger hand clapping, sing-along moments. I really try and keep my performances as varied as possible.

NN: What’s next for Jake Isaac?

JI: Next for me, I’ve been really fortunate to work on a few collaborations, so those will be coming pretty soon. Then after that I’m working towards an album for next year hopefully! 🙂

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