M&M Review: Major Without A Deal by Troy Ave

So this kid has been dubbed the saviour of the original New York sound for his signature flow and authentic style and Major Without A Deal serves as an ode to the city he loves so much.

The seventeen-track LP is intrinsically New York with its references, song titles and strategic features that mesh the old school with the new wave of artists currently moving the hip hop generation. I fail to think of another East Coast album that has brought together the likes of Puffy, Mase, 50 Cent, Cam’ron, Fat Joe and Fabolous, but this upcoming star has done just that.

As a whole, the album gives off a laid-back house party vibe, with its strong baseline beats and cheeky lyrics. In this way, it offers a welcome depart from the typical turn up music we’re so used to hearing in the charts these days. Topic wise, Troy talks about everything from the light-hearted tracks about bagels and fake butts to the deeper tales of situationships and revenge.

As one of last year’s XXL Freshmen, Troy Ave is starting to come into his own; letting the fans into his personal bubble of wild opinions and experience-based storytelling. The standout tracks for me are Ty Dolla $ign’s ‘Do Betta’, the Bad Boy remix of ‘Your Style’, the playful jibes of ‘Doo Doo’ and one of the darker tracks, ‘Taste of Revenge’. I love the versatility of the track-list and the variety of feature artists from the OGs to the newbies.

My only criticism of Major Without A Deal is that I would have liked Troy to use more Big Apple imagery in his bars and to maybe have built on the references more. For instance in the track ‘A Bronx Tale’, which references the cult classic film from 1993, he could have dropped some gems about the characters or the impact the movie had on the city.

This Brooklyn native has created an impressive sophomore album, which fully legitimizes his buzz for repping NY and is sure to solidify his position as an artist destined for big things. Grab your copy here.

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In keeping with the New York appreciation theme, I also wrote a post about another BK native called DJ Tony Touch.


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