Throwback Interview: Hermitude

As seen in DJ Mag

Watch Out America, Hermitude Are Coming.

The Aussie top-dog producers are ready to take their piece of the American Pie.

Meet Luke Dubber (aka Luke Dubs) and Angus Stuart (aka El Gusto), collectively known as Hermitude, one of Sydney’s hottest producer exports. Since being signed in 2002 by Elefant Traks, their four albums and two EP releases have ranked them alongside Australia’s most sought-after touring acts. Most notably 2012’s ‘HyperParadise’, which won the Australian Music Prize among other awards, grabbed the top-spot on the HypeMachine chart and notched up over 7 million listens on its Soundcloud belt.

Sonically their music fuses hip-hop, EDM and bass; which reflects their dedication to the vibe of each song and its unique progression. Considering Sydney’s big hip-hop scene, the pair believes that “having a bit of both styles in our music helped” them to build such a strong following. Their latest single ‘Through The Roof’ bounces from light to shade on its journey; driven by the horns, it rewires a typical mariachi beat against a strong synth riff, drums and the chopped vocal fragments of Young Tapz to create a tune so epic that even the most reluctant of ravers cannot help but shake a leg. The single comes in anticipation of Hermitude’s upcoming album, which is set to drop in early May 2015.

Suffice to say, they’ve caused quite the stir down under and now they are taking their veteran performance skills stateside, fuelled by “star jumps” and “tequila shots,” for their US and Canada ‘Through The Roof Tour’; which kicks off this March and includes Austin’s very own SXSW.

First of all congratulations on your new single, we love it! Talk us through ‘Through The Roof’, where did your inspiration for the song come from?

“Thanks a lot! We wanted the first single on the record to be really fun and also to be a nice bridge between ‘HyperParadise’ and our next record. The inspiration for the track and lyrics came from this massive warehouse party we went to in Sydney. There must’ve been 1000 people in there. There was condensation dripping off the ceiling from all the sweat and every new room you walked into had a different sound system. As you made your way upstairs, you had a feeling that the building could collapse at any moment! When the cops came, it took them over an hour to evacuate the building; they had to shut down the six-lane highway where the party was. It was all over the news.”

Is there a possible video on the way? What can you tell us about the visuals for that?

“There is! I don’t want to let the cat outta the bag, but we wanted to retain the energy of the song, but change the context. All I can say is that it’s high-energy and has a lot of smoke!”

What can fans expect from your upcoming album? Are there any collaborations we should know about?

“We haven’t announced them yet. Some of the singers are lesser known, but have beautiful, unique voices that just slot into the music perfectly. There are some great vocal moments amongst that instrumental heat we’re known for.”

You are known for your high-energy stage performances, how are you hoping to step your game up with your upcoming North American tour?

“We’ll bring out some classics and throw in some new jams to road test too. We love bringing the party and like to think our music activates a gravitational pull towards the dance floor too, so the more getting down the better!”

How does touring internationally differ from your home-crowd in Australia? Where has been your favourite country to perform in?

“The home-crowd obviously brings so much love, so it’s hard to beat. Having said that we had some cracking shows last year in the US. Brooklyn was redonkulous! Japan is also a fun audience because they’re so enthusiastic!”

Were there any local Australian acts that you admired growing up?

“Hip-hop crews like Koolism and the Hilltop Hoods and Urthboy, rock bands like Regurgitator and Vicious Hairy Mary; DJs like Dexter and Danielsan and Sampology, live electronic bands like The Avalanches and The Bird, all the way up to electronic music today like Ta-Ku, Waveracer and Flume.”

Your platinum single ‘HyperParadise‘ was remixed by fellow Aussie Flume, have you guys got any plans to collaborate again in the future?

“No concrete plans, but you never know, the last collaboration went down pretty well…”

Who would be your dream collaboration for a remix be with and why?

“Love to get a Lido remix, that guy is just so tasteful and musical. His remixes are bad-arse! We’d love to get Kendrick Lamar and Frank Ocean together on a Hermitude track; that would be crazy!”

What’s next for Hermitude (other than the obvious world domination)? 

“Haha, well right now we’re listening to a bunch of tunes that didn’t make the record and they sound really good. Who knows, maybe once the record drops there might be some more music sneaking out as well; besides that just heaps of touring. We’ll be in the US a lot this year, which we’re pumped about, and also Australian and European tours galore!”

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Hermitude are self-confessed hip hop and EDM fans, but what kind of music are you into? Ever think about what this says about you? Take a look here.


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