Throwback Interview: UNER

As seen in DJ Mag


UNER gives us his Lucky 7.

This Spanish sound-maker arrived on the scene in 2009 under Diynamic and made sure that he put in all the elbow grease necessary to become the highly sought-after DJ/producer he is today, following the success of his debut album ‘Tune 432’ last year. The stage is where UNER really flexes his creative muscles. This year fans can catch him headlining stages in Australia and Asia during April; followed by performances in Miami (for WMC), Athens, Madrid, Buenos Aires, Cairo, Berlin and Bucharest. His unique brand of kick-ass deck dominance entails the sonic versatility of a personal DJ session fused with the creativity of a live act.

UNER’s journey into the world of EDM has truly come full circle, as the artist that stole his record-buying virginity, Laurent Garnier, recently reached out to collaborate on his latest remix; which will be hitting the airwaves this February/March. Other artists swinging for the opportunity to add a little UNER magic to their tracks include; Guti, Chus & Ceballos, Nic Fanciulli, Felix da Housecat and Sasha. So if you don’t know, now you know that UNER is about to become the household name for 2015.

In addition to his “mixture” shows and a string of red-hot remixes, UNER has also announced a B2B series with Technasia for later this year. He will be returning as the resident DJ at Ibiza’s notorious Ants venue and appearing at the opening Ushuaia fiesta; cementing his five-year reign as one of Ibiza’s most innovative fixtures. He will also be mixing the Blue Marlin official Defected CD over May/June and will be one of the few Spanish artists chosen to speak at key global conference panels including; Capetown’s Sonar, Holland’s infamous ADE and at Ibiza’s Burn and IMS conferences. Ahead of his busy schedule, the techno prodigy sat down with DJ Mag USA to provide us with the soundtrack to the songs that helped shape him into the international rock star he is today.

Which track really sums up your childhood?

I have a lot of tracks in mind from my childhood because my father used to play music at home every day. And I always used to listen to everything with him. I remember that there were two special tracks: Status Quo’s “Whatever You Want” and Kiss’ “I Was Made For Loving You.” I was in love with those tracks and I usually tried to play along with my guitar!

What was the first record that you ever bought?

The first record I ever bought with my own money was “Crispy Bacon” by Mister [Laurent] Garnier!! I can also remember the first time I saw him play the track live. It was one of the best moments of my life.

What’s the most embarrassing record in your collection?

Oh for me nothing is embarrassing because every record is a part of my life and my music collection, but [tracks] like Nacho Dogan’s [music], [it’s a] shame he died at just 37 years old, or Enrique y Ana’s “Coconuts” [are pretty cringe worthy].

What track is guaranteed to make you cry?

No doubt, Michael Nyman’s “The Sacrifice.”

 What album are you currently into?

The last album I listened to this week was “A Night At The Opera,” [which features] one of my favourite songs ever (“Bohemian Rhapsody”) and “Kind of Magic“… QUEEN! [I became] a bit of a rock and roller [a few] months ago.

What’s the most valuable record in your collection?

Also without a doubt, Mozart’s “Requiem“, Vinyl Edition.

What’s your all-time favourite track?

It’s difficult to choose just one, but I will try to [name] three. As I said, “Bohemian Rhapsody” is one of my favourites, with Mozart’s “Lacrymosa” and Jean Michel Jarre’s “Magnetic Fields”, among others.

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